Spring Cleaning

Photos later … too tired. (ADDED)

Today was the BIG CLEANUP for the garden. It was in the high 60s and sunny most of the day with a brief rain shower around 430 pm.

A lot was done

– all the leaves removed from all beds and raked and put in the trash bags to leave out on Monday morning (the only day garden waste is picked up).

– moved the bench and cleared all the dead bamboo stalks and leaves

– raked the lawn

– raked and swept all the leaves up from the patio.

– cleaned the patio furniture and the citronella candles/lanterns stupidly left out all winter – three of the five glass candle holders broke. oh well, live and learn.

– arranged the two huge trash bags under an old shower curtain in case it rains Sunday before moving the trash bags to the curb (they can't be put out until after 6 pm for the next day pickup).

and then sat with a huge glass of wine and listened to the night sounds and the end of a concert from the Frick Collection (over the wireless outdoor speaker).

Later today (its after midnight Sunday now) will add the lawn rakings to third trash bag (didn't get it done before the sun went down) and wash down the patio – now that the leaves are all gone. hopefully before the rain showers we are supposed to get in the afternoon. There are a few perennials that need planting – depending on the weather and how sore I might be – may plant them.

And then I need to tackle the front bed and planters – just need to clear up the winter debris and add it to the third trash bag – shouldn't take too long. (NB Did these on Sunday)

Of course as is usual the first day of garden work in the season, am sore in many places. But advil and a good night's sleep will help.

It will be great to sit and drink my first cup of tea of the day and see the results of Saturday's hours.

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