Comments – an apology!

Gosh, for so long I have been moaning quietly to myself that no one comments.  I comment on many blogs and have lamented that "no one reads me" but of course my stats show there are a "few" of you.  I don't expect the quantities of Yarn Harlot or Wendy Knits but a few now and again would be nice, non?


It's all my fault! (knocks head on desk) YIKES!

Tonight while listening to the live Sirius Met relay of Barber of Seville I decided to clean up and out my gmail mail account.

And am going thru all the sub folders I had created – oh sometime last year – and lo and behold! There in a folder called BLOGS were dozens of email notifications with comments!  (Apparently in my zeal I had created a filter to send them there – have no idea why now!)

Oh my goodness am I embarrassed!

Firstly, I am SO SO SORRY for not answering any of these! (I started by answering today's)

Secondly, please accept my Thanks for reading and writing – and continuing to comment even tho this author seemed indifferent.

I promise I will be more diligent and attentive!

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2 Responses to Comments – an apology!

  1. TLR says:

    I know it’s not funny but….that’s so funny!


  2. Macoco says:

    Oh no! That is so frustrating. I’m glad you figured it out though!


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