Remembering Suzanne

She was the Classiest Lady on TV during that time – I remember Saturday nights with Bob and Suzanne and then Carol Burnett – what a lineup of talent!  

“Arguably Ms. Pleshette’s most memorable television moment was not in “The Bob Newhart Show” but in the final episode of “Newhart.” On May 21, 1990, Mr. Newhart’s character, Dick Loudon, was hit in the head by a golf ball and woke up to find himself in Dr. Robert Hartley’s bed, with his beautiful, unfailingly sane wife, Emily, at his side. The whole second sitcom had been a nightmare.

The episode was considered one of the most successful series finales in television history, partly because it managed to remain a secret until it was broadcast. As time passed, some found the scene a useful metaphor for hopes that a difficult situation might turn out to be just a bad dream. In 1999, a headline in the humor publication The Onion read, “Universe Ends as God Wakes Up Next to Suzanne Pleshette.”

 – from the NYTIMES obit

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1 Response to Remembering Suzanne

  1. I remember this lady very well and her death has suddenly made me feel rather old. She used to be in a lot of teen flicks in the 1960s if I remember rightly along with other luminaries such as Fabian, Rick Nelso et al and I remember her very well in a film with troy donaghue, tall blond and gorgeous, on whom I used to have a huge crush!


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