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* * *

i am in the midst of ORGANIZING, with all caps, yes.  does that strike you too?  it seems the new year brings a fit of organizing tendencies – although i find that this year i have less to do as i had been much more careful in the last year (and since moving here) to “have a place for everything” which makes it much easier to put things away and keep them there.  probably cause i am working from home these days – when you live in the mess you can’t stand it, or at least I CAN’T.  so one good effect of that.

I have used Filofax for many many years (uh, since I moved to NY)  and love their products – so much so that I have collected several organisers thru the years. (I love love love pretty notebooks and journals and pens).  My first one was a pretty red one with a nice textured grain to the leather (no zip) and its still in use – as a permanent address book in my secretary desk.  (I like the zip ones for using daily as things don’t fall out including my pretty pens!) 

I have had some birthday money burning a hole (since November!) and decided finally to upgrade my Organiser and really wanted a zip red Personal size to replace the worn green Personal Windsor – so after a bit of browsing on the Filofax USA website I found the ONE!    (Personal is the size – about 4 by 6 and is the most popular one – like a small paperback).

Its perfect!  See all the details here   After considering this for a few days (you know spending gift money is a big decision), I decided to order today and called Filofax cause their shipping offers are a bit lame (Fed Ex overnight for $30! and two day for $20 but no other option – like UPS?)   Anyway, it turns out it could be 5–10 business days unless I fork over the extra money.

BUT I am such an impatient person … so I went a Googling and about 40 mins later found a site with this exact one AND on SALE!  and they are in Manhattan (on Grand Street!) and so with the extra money I saved, I was able to buy a pretty new red pen to match! 

Off to set up my 2008 filofax refills and transfer dates, etc …and WAIT (impatiently!)

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