Stash enabling and CPH update

I scored a few bags at the Elann sale… forgot to log on at 12 noon EST and missed out on my preferred color – Ruby but got a bag each of the Dusty Rose, Twilight Blue and Alpine Violet.

and ten of my favorite Baby Cashmere in my favorite color – Mulled Grape!

Last year I made the Flowerbasket Shawl by Evelyn Clark out of this and have been wearing it to death – doubled and its really meant to be worn long.  So I want to knit a different design that I can wear doubled (the FS has a lovely scalloped edge that gets lost when its doubled)…as a good neck warmer/wrap in our cold weather – well, when it returns!  (NOT complaining).

And I had Elann Discount Dollars to spend (which I hadn't realized) so am thrilled that this stashenabling spree will use that much less of my Christmas gift money.

in other news… started the Central Park Hoodie last night after a good swatch and got gauge (of course had to go down two needles to get it – but my yarn is less bulky than the pattern suggestion).  OF COURSE changed the cables – to a braid instead of the twist and inserted my FAV cable – the Saxon Braid in the back center.  Also am doing it in the round with steeks.  The four inch ribbing seems rather long but well… the recipient is long and lean and skinny so it will work on her .  Measured her fav hoodie (a grey sweatshirt thing that is falling apart) and it was 16" across (sigh) but am making the 36" version for a little ease.

And now have to find more of this yarn – the New Denim in Paton's Classic Wool.  Joann's is having a sale and so I may just order it instead of trekking across the river to the Mall in NJ .  Michael's had it before the holidays but that's a trek too and its not on sale. 

Have put aside the Stocking (its about 60% done) and if I get it done after this sweater and the aran blanket (due the 19th) and the Tomten (due the 19th for the 20th)… then fine.  If not, it will be ready for Next year (and on time !)  I love the colorwork knitting and switching to the SS and cables in CPH is a little boring (which is why I put the braids in ) but ok as it goes fairly fast (and in this small size).

But can't wait to get back to that colorwork – and then to pick out a fair isle for me!  That's something to look forward too!

Photos soon ….

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