quick post – just back a bit ago from the opera – DIE ZAUBERFLUTE at the Metropolitan – its the infamous Julie Taymor production and VERY well designed – very cleverly done – she is quite a genius and so creative – puppetry features very largely in the production and is very well incorporated – the puppeteers got well deserved applause.  [iClick on photo to see more from the original cast]

Interestingly the house was about 1/3 empty – the entire back third of the Dress Circle was empty – the last three rows !  Maybe Tuesday is just not a popular night… but I was glad to have finally seen this production …more anon on the singers – but Diana Damrau did not disapppoint – after seeing her in the premiere of Die Aegyptische Helena last year it was good to see her in a different rep… curiously her costume is entirely different from the original one – and one other quick note – Stephane Degout is adorable…sigh (Papgeno)

This is one of my favorite Mozart operas – I saw the Ingmar Bergman film before I ever saw a live production and that is a great way to see it.  Then I saw many of the previous production and am glad I have added this one to my opera experiences.  That overture is incredible and the flautist was fabulous as was to be expected.  It seems to me (in peering at the orchestra pit) that many of the members are in a younger range than they used to be.  The chorus btw was good – solid and steady and not a warblng tremelo to be heard.  And it seemed there were new faces there too.

in other news, fall is definitely here – the leaves are changing colors daily…and family here from near and far next week.  And I have a ton of garden chores to do – with a birthday this Friday and family coming in next week – its that time of year.

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