KNITTY Surprise

DID YOU SEE THIS!?  uh oh another one to add to the MUST KNIT list!

Oblique by Véronik Avery

‘Oblique’ is a cardigan meant to be comfortable yet presentable – those of us who work from home or in very casual workplaces sometime have to make an effort not to equate flannel with everyday wear. Wrap cardigans are perfect for us.When designing it, I started off with a loose idea in mind of what silhouette I was after and sketched it out; the strokes, cross-hatching and marks of the pencil informed my stitch choices while I attempted to bring together a sense of style in a fun to knit project. I’d been eyeing this yarn for  a while, too – its halo feels girly yet none of the stitch definition is lost.

model: Genevieve photos: Véronik Avery

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1 Response to KNITTY Surprise

  1. Jocelyne says:

    I have’nt seen it yet! It’s a great pattern!


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