Thank You, and Farewell: H&G

Thank You, and Farewell
By Dominique Browning, Editor

It is hard to know what to say, with so little time to say it. House and Garden will close its doors this week; the December issue is the last to be published. I wish I could show you all our gorgeous January issue, produced with guest editor Murray Moss. Our copies of it will become collector's items…

I am extremely proud of all the fine work everyone here has done; we've served the design community with integrity and panache; we've given readers a piece of our hearts, every month, for more than a decade. We've produced a beautiful and interesting magazine, one with plenty of soul, and one that defied easy expectations.

Our readers have been wonderful, engaged, interested, and kept returning, year after year; I thank you all for that.

read the rest… Thank You, and Farewell: Dominique's Welcome:

OH NO – I found this news on a few blogs in the past two days – This has been one of my most favorite “house p$rn” magazines for the last 10 years since it came back into being – at a time when I was increasingly aware that my dream house was not happening each year – and still hasn’t appeared – but that’s another story.  However, if devouring this and my other dream mag – the UK COUNTRY LIVING* – is an education – then I have had one of the best.  There were always many interesting articles and features – even if the price tags were not of my budget – still one can aspire.  

Not sure what is going to take its place in the American market….

*I know that CL is not exactly the same kind of mag but it has the same sensibilities – both have been steered by very strong women with good design bones…. oh well. good thing I saved so many of my H&Gs.


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