Sock Madness

287906420_2cd93dfd8f_mI received the text below in an email on Sunday as the last 16 spots were being filled – I had sent my email upon immediately reading about the venture – hoping I would get in…

Congratulations.  You just got the last spot!  Welcome.”

WOW!  I am so excited – being a sock virgin and all!  I have that gorgeous red sock yarn that leapt into my arms (remember?) at Flying Fingers a few weeks ago – so I am ready to go.

From the website

  • 128 knitters will participate – 64 experienced and 64 less experienced – participants will be arranged so that in early rounds  knitters of similar experience will compete against one another.

  • Rounds will last 2 weeks or until all matches have been decided – whichever comes first

  • Prizes will be awarded
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1 Response to Sock Madness

  1. carrie says:

    Oh man, I am so sad. I emailed last Friday and never heard anything. ‘Course the website does say they weren’t sending individual emails at the end. Darn it, you got the last spot and so a special email! (I guess.) I guess I just have to wait and see if I get an email whenever they set up the pairs… (god I am so impatient!)
    PS Your music blog is *way* more sophisticated than my piddly little reviews! I am humbled.
    PPS Listening to Pav on Sirius right now. VIVA SIRIUS! (Please let nothing happen to Met Opera Radio if that Sirius-XM Radio deal goes through! I heard the FCC won’t allow it, but who knows?)


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