“Giuseppe Filianoti unplugged”

Our sister in blogs – vilaine fille has a CHARMING interview transcribed on her blog – please read it


Filianoti unplugged

Wednesday evening at Carnegie Hall brings the grand return to New York of a vilaine fille über-coqueluche: Giuseppe Filianoti, a.k.a. Don Peppino di Calabria. (I concocoted the “Don Peppino” moniker because, at one point, this blog was receiving hundreds of hits a day from people—or, perhaps, a person—searching for “Filianoti” or “Giuseppe Filianoti.” More on this anon.) Filianoti sings the tenor lead in Cilea’s rarely heard opera L’Arlesiana, an evening that, reportedly, may mark one of Opera Orchestra of New York’s final performances.

Next season sees Filianoti reprise his Edgardo in Lucia at the Met and for his San Francisco Opera début. In coming months, according to the schedule posted at his website, he portrays Werther and Alfredo in La traviata in Rome, Des Grieux in Massenet’s Manon in Palermo, Alfredo in Naples, Hoffmann in Hamburg, and—an event that promises to make the earth itself tilt upon its axis—Rossini’s Otello opposite the Rodrigo of Juan Diego Flórez at Pesaro.

Rest at website

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2 Responses to “Giuseppe Filianoti unplugged”

  1. Will says:

    Wow, thew two of them together in OTELLO–I grew up in the days when there were maybe two world class tenors who could begin to sing Rossini’s tenor music the way it was meant to be sung.
    Thanks for the JDF clips. Besides the security and brilliance of the top–and frankly even more rare and valuable these days–was the liquid beauty of the floating tone, so essential in French opera and so not a part of most tenors’ technical capability.


  2. Ferrando says:

    JDF is coming to Carnegie Hall, too. Next month — on the 10th, I think. Should be kewl!


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