what ever happened?

Family shocked

Nowak’s family released their statement from their home in Rockville, Maryland.

“Lisa is an extremely caring and dedicated mother to her three children. She has been married for 19 years, although she and her husband had separated a few weeks ago,” the statement said.

“Considering both her personal and professional life, these alleged events are completely out of character and have come as a tremendous shock to our family,” the statement said.

“We hope that the public will keep an open mind about what the facts will eventually show and that the legal system will be allowed to run its course.”

NASA wants to know if there are ‘lessons to be learned’ – CNN.com.

NASA grounded Nowak for 30 days on Tuesday.

Michael Coats, director of NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston, issued a statement saying Nowak “is officially on 30-day leave and has been removed from flight status and all mission-related activities.”

“We are deeply saddened by this tragic event. The charges against Lisa Nowak are serious ones that must be decided by the judicial system,” the statement said. (Watch how police say a NASA love triangle went awry Video)

A NASA spokeswoman said Wednesday that Oefelein had flown to the Kennedy Space Center in Florida and was cooperating with investigators

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