starting and going on

IMG_2089I have mentioned but not made a constant topic that I am renewing my piano playing…to what purpose at this moment I am not sure and therein lies one of my current worries.  I really want to find a way to make a living in/with/by music but …. well… how?

One of the results of last year’s medical crisis is that I will not go willingly back to corporate America – to be honest I would rather work at Starbucks (and may have to at some point) or waitress or… i dont know . but pretty much anything.  

I actually studied quite seriously for many years and have two degrees for it (undergrad and diploma); but then I took a fork and pursued another branch of music for a number of years and then was wooed to the corporate life and well, then here I am.

I have been working away on my own in spurts – I was doing really well before the Village Sister’s new baby came (and with her nanny away for the first two weeks, I wanted to help) and then the beginning of Jan had that bad week of respiratory whatever and then I got back to work and then the week of my nephew’s bdays and the N Mexico sister and bin-law visiting and .. well at least I am back at it again.   

I am planning to buy a used car next week (FINGERS CROSSED) and then I really need to find a teacher – at this point I am feeling very isolated with my music … not that I can’t teach myself  the notes, etc (I once had a teacher say “I know you will show up with the notes and rhythms etc learned and we can get to work from there) – and to be honest I miss my lessons – its been such a part of my musical life in all pursuits that I really miss that connection.  I miss music school too but well, that’s another thing all together.  I mean I started playing at three and taking lessons shortly after.

A coach/teacher would be helpful and to guide where I can realistically go at this point.   A masters? and a doctorate? (cause you need both pretty much to do any university work) or just be the local neighborhood piano teacher?  I am DYING DYING DYING to play chamber music….would love to work with a trio regularly… ah dreams!  sigh.

well I am going to figure out how to get some of them to happen – just still stumbling in the dark (and with a wonky computer keyboard that keeps putting spaces where they dont belong – argh)

IMG_1926Its funny how all of a sudden I am “feeling” my apartment and this location – i know that sounds weird – but up to recently I had been settling in and now – well, its probably because this winter is the SECOND – I have gone thru one full year here and now am in the “second” winter, etc.  Up to this season, each season brought something new in terms of how the climate would be (be needing a/cs for the summer, fans for the spring and fall and portable heaters for the winter) and dealing with the inevitable fallout of settling in – it had been many years since I had moved and I had forgotten how long it takes to develop new routines and places to put things and just getting to know the place and how to move around in it etc  (make any sense?).

But how it relates is getting used to practicing – first its a baby grand and I have only ever had upright or consoles.  Its a whole other animal and so much more fun to play.  Of course, this is not mine – mine is STILL at the piano builders – I call and they say we need a few days to work on it and then I call back a few days beyond when they said and its the same thing.  Hmm maybe I should just drive up there and see what’s up!  (its barely an hour away). 

Oh dear, I am all riled up with all of this– probably cause of the Brahms I worked on today and then Renata Tebaldi and Tucker and Warren’s TOSCA tonight on SIRIUS.   Hopefully it will look better in the morning.


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