bullets tonight:

  • I am stalled on the EZ Tomten Jacket for Berkshire Nephew as I need the arm length measurements to finish the sleeves.
  • I need to redesign the Fireman sweater
    • and put it in Knit Visualizer and then print out and
    • knit a new swatch (a circular one this time ) and get gauge and
    • then re plot and
    • then calculate from the “fav’ sweater measurements.
  • so I am working on my aran – the ‘Welcome back Friend’ by Kathy Zimmermann.

here is a pretty picture of the backyard


and Cordelia guarding the kitchen



Don’t know what she is on the look out for, but its her second favorite spot . (maybe she thinks the squirrels will get in some how?)


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1 Response to stalled

  1. Macoco says:

    Your kitty is so sweet – and I really like the tea cozy!


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