For the third time since the first of the year i have a runny nose,congested trying to be a sinus infection.  The first one turned into an awful sinus infection.  The second one only just made it to the infected stage before it whimpered away.  This one is hanging around just being a really congested sinus passage but with a lot of liquid and netti pot seems to be stuck there.

I had been taking just sudafed pe (or whatever the one is you can buy without signing for it) and advil but today after three days, gave up and took a Claritin.  Well, that seems to be helping much more than I had expected.  Although I hate the buzzy feeling I get with an antihestimine when I don’t have any hestimines to fight – although I wonder.

We had such an unusually warm Dec and Jan and I remember reading somewhere (blog, paper, ?) that the incidence of spores and molds was unbelievably high for the wintertime when they are usually killed due to the temperature drop. 

So I wonder if what I have been fighting these last six weeks (its been a two week recurrence pattern) has been really allergies?

I am going to keep on the Claritin and see if that helps.  I certainly am tired of the congestion and my poor nose is red and the cold sore on my upper lip isn’t nice either!

on other news… here’s a shot of the backyard on Saturday morning after our “little” snow fall on Friday night.  At least it snowed BEFORE the cold snap so we have something pretty to look at in the COLD!


oh and the programmable thermostat was working MUCH too well.  As its on the interior wall of the Music Room which is the front room in the layout of this railroad apt – it faces DUE WEST and gets all the breezes from the Hudson River – so it was working very nicely and hard to keep the room at 60 but that meant the Back of the apt (where I am the rest of the day when not practicing the piano or sleeping in the bedroom which is next in the layout) was nice and toasty .  And then I checked my gas meter – yikes!  way too much gas was being consumed for my budget consciousness – so I set the thermostat to 58 from 8 am – 10 pm and 55 from 10 pm to 8 am  .  And when I practice I just turn on the lovely ceramic pedestal heater that sits near (not next to) the piano and close the door and i am warm and toasty while playing) and can keep  my gas bill down.

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