How do YOU make your tea?

Over at NOTMARTHA, there is a discussion on hot water kettles…here is what I use AND LOVE!

Ibis Cordless Electric Kettle

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The Ibis water kettle boils 50 oz of water in about 4 minutes using a 1500 watt power heating element directly in contact with the water. With its oval shape, this handy cordless kettle is designed to have a permanent place at the kitchen counter using a minimum of space. Made of a heat-reinforced polypropylene plastic and a stainless steel heating element, it is an indispensable and practical everyday tool for cooking. The easy to read water level indicator shows in ounces and liters the amount ready to boil.
The Ibis kettle will automatically cut off power after the water boils a short while. Bodum has provided the Ibis with a special "scale filter" which reduces the amount of calcium in your water. With this filter your tea and coffee will become even more aromatic and tasteful.UL listed. One year limited warranty. 110 volt operation design for use in the USA

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