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 Tim Page (Washington Post )

Washintgon Post Obit

from Opera Chic:

Menotti in 2001, in a long Corriere della Sera (July 8 issue) profile for his 90th birthday: “Why did I embark in such an adventure? Why Spoleto? (ed: he’s talking about the birth of  his Spoleto Festival) Because in my 50s, I felt guilty: I wanted to rebel against the idea of the artist as entertainer, as society’s clown. I wanted to show again that artists are an asset for society and, why not, for the economy as well. I wanted to be useful. I chose Spoleto”. 

[see her website for more]

Gian Carlo Menotti, as photographed by Carl Van Vechten in 1944 (top) and in Spoleto, Italy in 2005 (bottom).

Frances Menoitt and his father, Gian Carlo Menotti 

Gian Carlo Menotti in 2005


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