Cats in the Cold

May 2006022I have two cats – a mother and her kitten both adopted together from a Brooklyn downtown vet run by a lovely pair of wonderful women.  The mother was found by a neigborhood resident and brought to the clinic and was pregnant – a stray but we think she was abandoned – she is too well trained to have been a borninthestreets stray.;  She gave birth (we think she was a little older than one) to three kittens with only one surviving – and it was the FIRST birth at the clinic.  The rescuer had named her Cornelia and the clinic staff named the kitten (although female) Darwin. 

When I wandered in on my last day of Brooklyn Jury Duty in the bitter cold of that February – I saw the pair of them in a cage in the front of the clinic’s office… I inquired about adoption – they had someone who only wanted the kitten and wanted to dec law her and were thrilled that I wanted to adopt both together.  I had to fill out a huge form and then it went to the clinic’s Adoption Committee… and a week later I was told ok. 

So on a cold Sunday in February (22) of 2004 they came home to my tiny apt in Park Slope. 

I changed the names to Cordelia and Katie.  Now three years later we are settled in here in the tiny apt on the Hudson River. 

IMG_1040Cordelia is a funny cat – she thinks she is a dog and LOVES LOVES LOVES to chase the squirrels and neighborhood cats who have fun taunting her by running along the fence in the alleyway along the south side of the apartment.  I even found some of the cats sitting on the chairs on the front porch and meowing at her thru the open windows of the Music Room this past summer!  Poor Thing!  IMG_1220

Katie on the other hand hid for the first six months after moving here – she hid under my baby grand piano in the Music Room (its the very front room of this six room railroad apt)  then she would lie right inside the doors to the bedroom (the second room) and then by this past fall, she had discovered the couch in the den – and that is pretty much her spot – except when she lounges in the basket by the window on the ottoman and looks outside. 

IMG_1832A long prelude to the recent cold weather behaviour – Coredlia usually jumps up on the Armoire (which is perfectly situated to see the hallway down to the front room and the door into the back kitchen and bathroom and door to the garden.).and commands from that perch.  However in this last week of cold and especially the last 48 hours, weather she was missing.  I went looking for her yesterday afternoon and after searching thru out the apt finally looked in the loft bed . 

Hmm what did I see?  A huge hump in the middle of the comforter.   Carefully lifting the edge there she was – curled up between the electric blanket and the comforter in a little cave just for her!   

Oh forgot to mention – she is short hair and Katie is long.  Katie doesn’t seem to be affected at all by the cold.


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1 Response to Cats in the Cold

  1. Will says:

    Cornelia ia colored and marked identically to my cat, Starr. I wouldn’t have chosen that as her name because I associate it with 1) Ken Starr, the sleazy persecutor of the Clintons in the Whitewater business, or 2) Brenda Starr of the comics.
    But, she knew her name when I got her at the shelter and I didn’t want to confuse her by imposing a different identity.


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