Books, books and more books

Just read this on THE PANOPTICON about his books:

I've never counted or catalogued them, until now. That nice Brenda Dayne, hostess of Cast On, mentioned many episodes back and I was intrigued. I opened an account and am slowly working my way to the finish line, enjoying the process of handling every book individually. I estimate that I'm a bit less than half done.

The Panopticon: Bookish.

and of course I had to go and see what Library Thing was about – OH DEAR how wonderful.   I SO need to do this – i have a few bookcases in my apartment – ahem, well like , hmm, let’s just say more than 10.  In fact when I moved in (Sept 05) my landlady looked at a set of boxes coming in marked books and with a three digit number ….and looked at me with arched eyebrows.

oh well. I love books and have a hard time getting rid of them – I mean you can’t get rid of Knitting books and Gardening books and then there are all my music books and scores and operas and… let’s not even get started on the mysteries (mainly paper but I add judiciously to the hardback mystery library each year with favorite authors). 

And let’s not get started on DVDs or CDs (especially opera).

I guess its a good thing I live on the first floor.


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