Gauge…. sigh

See Kay’s dilemma at MASON DIXON KNITTING 

And the GAUGE GHOUL is visiting my house too.

I know I have mentioned that after MANAANANANAY gauntlets knit for xmas I am rewarding myself with the WELCOME BACK FRIEND Aran sweater by Kathy Zimmerman from IK.  Its a bit loose fitting and for my first adult sized aran thought it would be a good pattern.

i even knit a swatch and based on the stitches and the wool (Patons Classic Wool) cast on the largest size – and knit about five inches – it was HUGE. 

So ripped out and went down a needle size (how the HECK DID my gauge change from the swatch and its not in the round either?) 

ok.  cast on the small size this time – and knit one whole pattern repeat of the largest pattern – 35 rows   You know what’s coming –  Just a bit too narrow for an aran now.


So I was going to add an extra two panels on the back and make this the front – but rethought that and ripped back again!

Ok.  So before I ripped – I analysed and measured (OFF the needles) and determined that knitting the medium size should give me the ease I was looking for.

Ok.  So I am into the second repeat of the largest pattern (see below)


Here is a more artistic shot so you can see my lovely new Stitch Markers (a late birthday present – purchased from Black Water Abbey) Aren’t they purty – makes me feel like my knitting is special!  (I had sworn by the red rubber rings for years but now… well I don’t see any going back to them)


So I measured it laid flat in the top photo and its a bit larger than I had wanted.  But this pattern is a pain really to adjust cause those two stripes on the far sides of the panels are about 1.5 each.

Here are the options I am mulling over:

1.  Make the front with only one of the side panels on each side of the cables…then there would be three repeats of that panel and the middle one could be centered to be the side seam panel.

2.  Make the front the same as the back and have a biggish sweater – I guess for my first adult ARAN that wouldn’t be the end of the world – but …I really want to be able to wear this without it making me look like an big blue cable. 

3,. RIP OUT AGAIN (i REALLY dont want to – its turning REALLY cold today – a drop of 23 DEGREES ) and now that the cold weather is here to stay (presumably) I want to finish this and be able to wear it.

sigh sigh and more sighs

in other news – my Joann order came today – pretty quick delivery and a great sale is being had there.


The goodies:

1.  Patons Classic Merino Wool in Blue Storm for the Aran sweater (above).  I probably have enough but i LOVE this color.

2.  Lion Brand Wool Ease in Racing Red and Blue Denim for the nephews’ sweaters and things. 

Finally giving in and getting machine washable wool – this will be my first time knitting with this yarn – but I want my nephews to wear what I make .  The ages are good for handing down – the eldest will be five on the 20th, the next will be three on the 19th and the baby was born on Dec 23 06.  So anything made for the five year old will go down to the other two and the three year old and just born are brothers so there is inherent handing down there as well as possibility to make matching sweaters…. oh can’t wait!

So the other Aran sweater for the three yo in non machine washable wool will be ripped out – seem to be doing a bit of that these days – and I will cast on for a sweater for him with some kind of fire engine motif – need to play around with either intarsia or fair isle border or …… and something for the baby as well.


That’s Cordelia guarding the box that the yarn came in – from other kitties and things !


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1 Response to Gauge…. sigh

  1. Vicki says:

    I would suggest that you knit a big ol’ swatch. Grab a new ball of yarn and another needle — the same size you’re using — and knit one entire repeat of that sweater to call it a swatch. Wash it and block it as you will the completed sweater and see what happens. I’ve knit only one Aran, but have found that as much as the cables tend to pull it all in as you knit, they also tend to relax a bit with washing/blocking — and, I daresay, it even stretches a little with the wearing. I often give St. Brigid a swim just so I can block it and pull it back into shape.


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