from the sickbed

urh sick couch really.

my ickiness turned into a full blown SINUS infection.  fever hit 102 sometime Friday night saturday morning… then by sat it was down to 97 something.  but lots of sleeping over the last 24 hours.

of course the upstairs neighbors decided to BUILD something Friday night – i dont know what but by 10 pm i was ready to crawl up there and beg for mercy from the relentless hammering and furniture parts falling down on the ceiling OF COURSE directly over my sofa .

but it stopped at 1030 pm – however all yesterday and today there have been furniture pieces dragged across the floor and dropped on the floor and loud machinery doing something – cant tell if its sanding or vacuuming or what the heck is going on.  but for relatively quiet up til now neighbors they have turned into the monsters of noise this weekend .  of.course.

i am thinking maybe furniture and room re-arrangement due to impending baby (although she is not even showing yet so its got to be six months at least away). 

however if this keeps up tonight i will have to go say something… i mean. really.

couldn’t even watch tv saturday much less knit.  however today after sleeping FINALLY for a stretch of six hours this morning. i actually made tea and washed two days of dishes in the sink and even (well, will do it in a minute) cleaned the cat litter box.  its a rainy gray and ucky day outside and more predicted for tomorrow so am not feeling like i am missing much – although the weather is really screwed up.  its 40s today and supposed to be 15 on wed night… and then back to 40s next weekend.  no wonder i am getting sinus infections.

ok.  off to get more tea and try to find something to eat – maybe mac and cheese and then knit something mindless.


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