DVDs and knitting

Until recently I haven’t really done a lot of DVD watching – except for the ones that I make from taping TCM and MIDSOMER MURDERS, POIROT and SHERLOCK HOLMES – and any Masterpiece Theatre that is good.

But for awhile I have been LONGING for a set of films that were made in the 80s (i think) from the Dorothy Sayers quarto of books on Harriet Vane-Lord Peter Wimsey’s relationship.  Harriet Walter and Edward Petherbridge were PERFECTION in the roles and while each film (of the first three books) could have been MUCH LONGER – the adaptations were fairly good.

I have a secret crush on Lord Peter Wimsey – don’t shoot me.  I discovered Sayers while i was working a gillon jobs – actually three – a day job, an evening job and a weekend job – at law firms as a legal secretary for about a year while I was figuring out my next steps in life.  Part of the job (especially eve and weekend) was to sit around – and as there was pre internet (don’t laugh) I read A LOT of books – murder mysteries to be accurate – I discovered Ngaio Marsh and then Dorothy Sayers and then Margery Allingham (note the pattern here).  And then Donna Leon – and well, then I was heavily into the British/Continental murder mystery scene.

Anyway, I FINALLY broke down and bought the dvds of the BBC adaptations.  And of course the place turned out to be one of those on ebay that don’t live up to their shipping promises – after paying for it on 12–22 they were FINALLY delivered yesterday.Image:Sayers vane.JPG

I was going to watch the first one tonight and start on the “Welcome Back, Old Friend” sweater by Kathy Zimmerman for ME  – SINCE MY GIFT KNITTING IS FINALLY DONE!  But it was one of those days where I was playing car pool (for my sister with the new baby) and so around 630 I put my head down on the sofa for a little rest and woke up around 930 !

But I am going to watch a little of it anyway – as a prelude to the first of three good nights of knitting to watch them all.   So Delicious!

and it will take my mind off looking for a car (sigh – anyone have a good mid mileage car for $3000 they want to sell?).

gift knitting photos to come I PROMISE.


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1 Response to DVDs and knitting

  1. Macoco says:

    I can’t wait to see pictures of the gift knitting!


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