Alagna vs La Scala vs Zefferiilli vs Bolle vs ?

If you are following the Alagna fiasco in Milan, it’s now spilling over to the ballet!  (Wonder if a backlash will soon start to pity Alagna – probably not)

Roberto Bolle, Italian ballet dancer, friend of La Cieca and wearer of gilded thong – as well as the most titillating attraction at the current Verdi’s Aida at Teatro alla Scala – is extremely displeased at Alagna’s recent slam towards him that was reported earlier on Opera Chic.

Alagna had earlier told the press that he was very perplexed as to why Roberto Bolle, who danced a very short (but thrilling) pass during the Act II Marcia Trionfale, received applause as big as his gigantic codpiece during the curtain call.

Well, Opera Chic has just heard from a reputable source that Bolle has been overheard earlier today at the theater grumbling and slamming Alagna, sneering that Alagna has committed “professional suicide”. Ouch. Oh Bolle, I love you and your snark. And your golden glistening th0ng.

Opera Chic: Opera Chic Exclusive: Bolle Goes Ballistic.

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