we interrupt this blog…

temporarily for a major MISSION ORGANIZATION project.   [as in reorganizing/sorting/clearingout the study and the bedroom, then after a break the basement]

update on garden:

Labor Day weekend was wet and cool which helped with the beginning of the MO Project.   The rest of this week has been a blur of going thru files and papers and sorting out and throwing out (three garbage bags so far) and reorganizing the study.

Some miscellaneous garden observations:

  • Tobacco plants are HUGE and threatening to take over the foxgloves.
  • Echinacea and achillea are coming back and sporting lots of nice leaves, no buds yet.
  • Joe Pye Weed is still stunted due to the “raccoon attacks”
  • Lovage and Angelica also in shock still and not growing much – i guess i will see these next year.
  • One hollyhock is close to five feet and has some buds – fingers crossed.
  • The other hollyhocks seem to be hanging on – not much growth and probably too late now.
  • Rudbeckias are blooming like mad (thank goodness!)
  • Rose bed is a mess and needs to hoed and remulched sometime soon. (its right next to the bird feeder and so the birds and squirrels walk all over the bed and mush down the mulch)
  • There is some strange thing coming thru the back stone wall that i think is bamboo (photo later)
  • Autumn Clematis is getting ready to bloom – looooooots of buds (photo later)

ok, back to the last two file drawers in the study (and then i have 8 to do in the basement – sigh, but thats another day).

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