Fall Cleaning continues…

update on the MISSION ORGANIZATION Project

So far this week, three garbage bags of old papers, articles, “whoknowswhyikeptthis” stuff thrown out so far.  Just two more file drawers to do in my study and then to reorganise and sort thru magazines (gardening and knitting and opera mags). Then its on to  the bedroom.  Already reorganized furniture, etc now just have to sort thru clothes and throw out, etc.  (this is the hardest which is why its last). 

Then, now that its cooler, will have the basement to do – 8 file drawers to sort thru – and then yarn to inventory (actually hope to put the yarn in the soon to be empty file drawers ) and then boxes and boxes of paperbacks and old vhs tapes (yes, will probably throw most of them away) but the books, probably not. (i love books and some of these are outofprint british mysteries collected thru the years). 

And then i should be truly organized and settled in – after a year i guess its not too bad. 

(of course, then I want to catalog my scores, cds, dvds, cassettes of met operas, books, magazines… but those are ongoing projects).

Thank goodness for the US Open this past week and last weekend – it has helped with the tedium of sorting etc helping keep my right brain occupied so i dont question every piece of paper and let my left brain throw out much more than i would have without the distraction, uhm, focus.  (For the record, LOVED Agassi’s matches including his last comments.  My pick for tonight (playing now) is Henin-Hardenne (really admire her) and Roddick tomorrow (although its going to be a VERY CLOSE match).

ok. off to finish those two file drawers.

oh, progress on the Wing of the Moth shawl?  a bit….


Finished the Fir Cone section and the ‘dividing’ section and one repeat of the Twin Leaf. 


But look here…



Now I get to play the “DO I HAVE ENOUGH YARN?” game… and of course Elann has no more of this color. I do have three other colors – Aubergine, Deepesst Black, and Sapphire (the color of this shawl is Cornflower, it is lighter than the photo makes it).

hmm, since the designer had the same problem, I may take a page from her book and do an abbreviated Twin Leaf section and maybe add a color for the edging.

hmm… i had 1090 yards (10 balls at 109 yds each) so i am hoping that i make it without another color.  so check back in a few days and see what happens!   and maybe ill have MO Project photos too!

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