what is eating joe pye?

my poor joe pye.  something likes it. 


this one was eaten last night.


you can see on the right side of the plant that it was eaten  – about three weeks ago.  nothing like ms raver’s – of course this picture is from the Adkins Arboretum – but AR writes about how good hers are doing this summer.

Adkins Arboretum
and whoever also ate most of the lovage.  and i dont think it was mr GH because the fence is too pointy and high for him to climb over – and the parsley is not eaten – although he eats my neighbors every time he has come calling.    i hope i didnt just jinx myself  uhoh
and my poor rose….



someone decided it looked tasty.

now, in my four years gardening in Park Slope, in an open front garden – i never had a rose BITTEN off from the plant!   and none of the other roses have been eaten.

what the hell is out there when my back is turned?


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