Flower Basket Shawl update


finished the last two rows and cast off while watching Ann Sothern and Lew Ayres in MAISIE WAS A LADY (what a hoot!)

on to blocking! (i am looking forward to the growth of this as its not as wide or long as i want).  if it doesn’t rain today, i will get it blocked out.

meanwhile, i am in the throes of a fall/spring cleaning bug – the anniversary of my move to this apartment is next tuesday – and yes, that’s the anniversary of Katrina too.   a very mixed day for my family.  although i am happy to report that my sister and her family are settled into a faculty townhouse at her new university job and my nephew will be starting a really good (waldorf) school and settling into a new routine – he has his own bedroom for the first time in a year and is THRILLED with his fire engine bed!

anyone have any charts of Thomas the Tank, et al .  i have to do some research on them as that is both of the nephews newest infatuation – besides TRUCKS of any kind!!

anyway, i have one pile of boxes (sad to say) still in the hallway near the study – and one pile in the bedroom.  you know just out of the way so that they didnt bother me – but now i want to get all of this sorted out and either put away or stored in the basement (which is another long sort out project of its own ONCE the weather is much cooler – like cold!).  I even have sweater bags with zippers (ebay) that i can put all my sweaters in and be able to see them and stack them on the shelves just for that purpose (on top of my hanging rods in the closet)

so i am in a major sort out clear out mode – Frogged one 2/3 completed UFO tonight after i completed the shawl and reacquainted myself with two other sweaters that are in the SLEEVE ISLAND stage (sigh) of the Elann Lace and Cable cardigan pattern – one in wool and one in cotton.  although i tried it on and am not sure i am happy with the way it looks – may have to push ahead and see what i can do to sort it out.

and all my yarn needs ire-nventorying … sigh


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