heat breaks!!!


so tonight as i sat on the little patio it was bearable.  not like the last few nights.  and yes, i do sit on the patio even when its 1000000 degrees.   i lived in NYC for many years in apts without a backyard or garden – well the last five years i had a front yard garden – but it was on a busy street and the landlord didnt want me keeping a chair in it (even a nice cast iron chair) so i would have to lug a folding portable chair down the three flights and back up if i wanted to sit  or sit on a ledge by the garden or on the hard concrete – not really very appealing choices.

so now i have a real backyard (well, half of it as i share it with the occupant of the other apt on the first floor of this fourplex) so anyway, its a real backyard** and i have a real (if small) patio and a table and four chairs – and yes they are all nice – cast iron (woodard if you want to know) and an umbrella and a potting bench and two little greenhouses with shelves for all my gardening supplies and lots of room for growing little plants from seeds.  that’s something i have wanted to do for years and years and years. 

**(it may sound silly to those of you in urban and suburbia land – but for a transplanted southerner who grew up with a backyard and front yard and SIDE yard – its great to finally get one of those!)

and now with the heat broken, i can finish the herb garden (and will probably order some more , yes, i know – but you really can’t beat the taste of FRESH from the plant herbs – ok, a vastly overrated revelation to others maybe, but remember all those years in nyc?) . 

today i potted up the catnip and cat thyme to put along the outside of the fence of the herb garden – i have two cats (inside only, the elder one (the mother, Cordelia) will NOT keep a collar on and the younger one (the daughter, Katie) has NO interest in the outside). and there are two visiting cats (that i have seen, there could be more) a HUGE tawny BIG Tailed cat and a sleek slender black cat – both are well fed and appear taken care of so i guess they just visit… maybe to catch some bird.. but anyway, they can have whatever they want OUTSIDE the herb garden.  (see there is a plan).

here’s the herb garden in the heat…


those pots in front are the ones i am talking about.  that’s actually basil and parsley in them – i will be planting those tomorrow if it doesn't rain all day. (we are getting used to extremes here this summer – or i guess we have to get used to them, i mean).  that’s mint in the long planters – four kinds and lavenders in the big round pots.

anyway, i potted the cat mint and cat thyme in them – i started late this afternoon -well it was around 4ish and got about four done  and then the skies opened up.  i was counting the time from the lightining to the thunder boom and got in the house just as they started.

and stood under the roof of the kitchen door and watched the thermometer drop from 94 to 80 in about half an hour!  and the humidity rise about 20% in the same time.

however, about two hours later it was a little under 80 and even with the humidity, it felt so much better than the last four days – so i was able to pot the rest of them in the failing light and then sit and listen to the crickets. 

since most of the hard work is done now, when i sit out at night i am not as exhausted and am starting to identify the evening sounds and notice the timetable.  the birds arrive around 5–7 and eat voraciously and then all of sudden they are gone.  even the squirrels disappear by then.  and then its pretty quiet until around 830 or so and then the crickets start up and boy are they loud! 

so back to the herb garden – lots of lovely things waiting to plant – angelica (always wanted some), lots and lots of basil and sage and thyme and rosemary, parsley, tarragon, chives, bay laurel, coriander, and some wonderful oddities – valerian (cant wait to see what it grows up to be), rue (this one too), joe pye weed and hmm, what else… oregano, marjoram  too.

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