Anne Raver’s (NYT) Bulb Seller Recommendations

Some good sources for bulbs (and bluebells) include Tulip World, a Dutch supplier with an interactive Web site ( that will tailor your choice of bulbs to climate, soil conditions, rainfall, color and companion plants. The prices are also lower than most competitors, with no sacrifice to the excellent quality of bulbs. Brent and Becky’s Bulbs, in Gloucester, Va. (; 804-693-3966), also offers a wide range of fine bulbs, at reasonable prices. This site is also interactive: just plug in your local conditions and color choices, and a list of appropriate bulbs and companions, complete with color pictures and planting instructions, springs into view.

Van Engelen, a wholesale bulb company in Bantam, Conn., will sell to individuals, and the variety and prices are grand (; 860-567-8734). Heirloom bulbs are plentiful at Old House Gardens, a mail order company in Ann Arbor, Mich. (; 734-995-1486). Collectors will also find rare alliums and many other hard-to-find bulbs at Odyssey Bulbs, a specialty mail order company in South Lancaster, Mass. (; 800-517-5152). Allium cupuliferum, for example, changes from tight umbels to powdery pink skyrockets on two-foot stems. Rarity costs, however: one Allium cupuliferum bulb is $7.50, which is more than a double latte at Starbucks.

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