the week that was

This was one of those weeks where you wish hadn’t happend and that it was next month or anytime but now.

Last week my laptop hard drive crashed and along with it my current outlook file – luckily I had purchased an external hard drive in March for my ever growing mp3 files (operas and BBC radio shows mainly) and digital photos (love to take em).

So I was ok and had even reconciled to losing the last three months of emails (yikes! ) and all my recently! updated addresses… sigh.  But I had that hard drive!

So after an expensive trip to the local CompUSA store – and several days of installing all those programs you use everyday – and now ALL the cds, manuals et al are in ONE BOX – I was up and running.

And then Friday another disaster….  I was hooking up my Lyra Wireless Transmitter and had to reboot and all of a sudden the G drive (where the External Drive is) could NOT be seen.

QUEL HORREUR!!!!!   (and many other words to that effect).

After trying every USB port and after much research online, resetting all of them and plugging and unplugging all other USB devices, I determined it was not the USB ports.  Thank goodness on one hand but not on the other cause that meant it was the drive. 

However, it was powering up.  Then I remembered that the power cable was not sitting properly in the jack (never did since the day I received it).  In fact it was very loose.  So I think its the power supply – maybe it shorted. 

So I called LACIE support – I tell you those guys must get a ton of desperate calls each day – I was NOT a happy camper and rather upset at the thought of losing 150G of data.  I didn’t need to hear the guy saying – you know that you really should back up to cds.    NOT the thing to tell a desperate person on the other end of the phone on a Friday afternoon.

So they are sending me a new powersupply and cords and new USB cable.

In the meantime, I am offering every prayer I know  and hope the gods of the computerworld will smile down and let this drive come back to life.

I did research abit and discovered that the MAJORITY of issues like this – where this drive is not recognized by the computer but is powering on – come to the power supply and usually a replacement works.

Other than that the Tech Support guys (I called back later to PLEAD that they send it so I get it at least by TUES and not the end of next week) said that i could probably put the drive in another unit and it would work.   There were no sounds (like the dreaded clicking) coming from it – thats what the laptop was doing – you REALLY don’t want that noise ever and if you do…. backup furiously and fast!).

Ok.  so in the meantime… I will be backing up whatever is on the C drive today to cds. 

and crossing fingers, toes, whatever!


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