The dying clematis (reborn)

I LOVE Clematis and all vines of any shape or color.  (well, except IVY when it takes over).

I bought a bunch of Clematis (well five) at a local nursery when I bought my foundation plants earlier this summer (it seems like years ago).  I have had mixed results.

FOUR of them had Major transplant shock and died all the way back (one) or almost all the way (three). No Five has been sturdy and great all along. 

Almost two months later they are all coming back in different stages – the one that died all the way back is featured here.  Its a Ramona Clematis.    It was gorgeous at the nursery and I paid extra to get a 4 ft specimen.

Well, here is what it looked like a week after buying.


Not a very happy plant.  Here it is planted.


It then proceeded to die COMPLETELY back to the soil.  With One Lone Little Leaf left.  I just kept watering it… I covered it in mulch and …..

here it is today!


of course we are having the wackiest weather ever this summer – lots and lots of rain and the hot days in between.

Hopefully there will be buds and blooms before the fall comes!

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