today i am waiting for the following:

1.  Heirloom Roses order of 13 roses    Climbers and old roses: Louise Odier, Heritage, Constance Spry, Gertrude Jekyll, Falstaff, Iceberg, Zephirine Drouhin, New Dawn, Red Eden, Charlotte, The Impressionist.   (arent rose names fascinating?)  of course ordering this late, i missed out on Comte de Chambord and Reine de Violettes and Graham Thomas and a few other favs – but I will order them this fall unless i find them somewhere else.

2.  Sprainbrook Nursery delivery of compost and mulch ( you dont want to know how many bags) and flats of agerartum and dianthus and 16 geraniums (red, white, pink) to plant in the front of the house – a big planter and several small pots along the front steps.  hopefully this will brighten up the front prospect!  

I have this SnowbelleMockorange Snowbelle to put in the center of the large container that sits in front of my side of the front porch – but its so small right now – it came on Saturday – that I am going to leave a space for it and nurse it a bit before transplanting it again.  The front gets FULL SUN all day.





3.   UPS delivery from Canada – missing in action – of privacy trellises to divide the patio so that my neighbor and i can each sit out and enjoy our privacy on our patios.   shipped on the 12th, the company cant figure out why its not been delivered and apparently quebec has a holiday and they cant get the tracking number from them until monday.  these were ordered on may 30th.  sigh


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