Hardscaping done…


so when do i plant the plants on the chairs (and the table and the greenhouse..) ?

 when i finish closing the last hole of whatever-underground-varmint . 

and just for your enjoyment…another view .


And here are the rocks in the back – i found all the ones against the wall IN the bed as i was digging it up … remember it was all grass before and for how long.  so these are indigenous rocks … its cool to think how long they have been there.  The large rectangular one and the smaller gray ones in the border in the front of the photo were carted over from a nearby house’s backyard (its been under renovation/reconstruction for awhile and these were dug up when the redug the foundation)


 i had to include this last one – its the first rototiller i ever used!  it was quite exciting and pretty neat – and not as difficult as i had expected it to be.  Still pulling out lots of junk (roots, twigs stones etc) from the beds. 


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