i have been knitting socks only (work is stressful and so by the evening i cant manage anything that requires my brain to calculate or dissemble) Fleegle’s sock pattern (memorized) is my go to pattern …

i have a stash of Arne & Carlos yarn that i am working thru – of course it took me a month of ripping out (this one poor sock) and trying THREE different size needles before i could get the repeat to work (and still i am about 3 stitches diff) with my gauge. but i finally got something that works for the pattern.


but its finally sorted and so now i can knit fairly mindlessly – started watching THE BRIDGE and THE TUNNEL .  Started with Tunnel and then decided to go to the original which i like better so far.  will be interested to compare.  that bridge is amazingly gorgeous.

but have been savouring LOVE NINA.  what a delight. only six eps in season one so doling them out.

BREXIT vote is today… will be interesting to see what happens

its an odd week with the SIT IN in the HOUSE last night and today.  the vote on the gun bill in the senate was predictable.  when will Congress get out from under the NRA?  probably never.  its sad and another one on the list of reasons to move.





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