the affair.lunar eclipse

THE AFFAIR – continuing in my trend to get on the bandwagon long after a series airs… i had watched the first ep last year and really didnt like the plot, the selfishness and narcissism of the two soon-to-be cheating main characters… but then stumbled into ep 2 this past weekend – and then ep 3 and well then i found out its disappearing on sept 29th since season two starts next weekend (although really showtime?  why get rid of season one ?)

so began a binge.  am now on ep 7 but i peeked at the final episode…. in case i dont get thru before its pulled.

i really wanted to see more of Maura Tierney and Joshua Jackson’s characters… and when i read that Season Two will feature their POV as well… then I decided to catch up..

Maura Tierney was so good even in her little exposure in the first few eps… and then as I read the recaps for the rest of the series i was glad to see she had more play.

and then there was the SuperMoon lunar eclipse tonight…which i watched – going out every 20-30 minutes – it was pretty exciting tho i wished for a powerful telescope. photos not from me.

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