new year

today for Rosh Hashanah a glorious Canadian front has moved in … the low last night was in the 50s – oh please come soon fall.

Roger lost. (moment of silence)

there was much crying and screaming in my wee apt. he had worked so hard and is playing so well. i am still devastated that he lost – never a Djokovic fan, still not. Listen to his final interview (and WHY do they never play the whole thing?)

Flavia Pennetta was the star of the 2015 tourney… what a wonderful match that was – two old and dear friends playing their hearts out with no rancor or angst… such a difference to the mens final. (i really wish we didnt have such hype about ‘rivalries” oh well the press must have something about which to write.)


l’shana tovah to those who celebrate!


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