fall.the return to knitting

even tho its warm today, there is a cold front moving in saturday night.  and all i can think about is knitting.  

started back on a two year old project (oi) a lace shawl in a gorgeous red (long stewed in stash) last week – to give my hands something to do while watching season one of HOMELAND… now am almost out of yarn  (and out of season one… waiting to get my hands on season two… torture)

this shawl pattern is one by one of my favorite shawl pattern designers – Evelyn Clark – this one is PRAIRIE ROSE LACE – here is the color… i LOVE it.


have wanted a red shawl for many years.. kept waiting for the RIGHT Red cashmere yarn.  eh, life is too short. so i started this awhile ago (the last two years there has not been much knitting happening)

so the last week of september was rainy and chilly.  inspiration enough to pull out this project – about half done – and get to it. 

now i am feeling the old knitting yen percolating up … and with a three day weekend (yah) have visions of sorting thru the stash (around the apt and in the studio in the basement) and gathering all the UFOs and WIPs that are in hiding – for a big sort and clear out to figure out what’s worth finishing and what needs to be frogged.  

may wait til sunday for this as saturday is supposed to be warmish as well… but once that cold front moves in… playing with wool wont be a chore. 

now if i can only find a source of unedited* copies of the second season of HOMELAND without having to subscribe to showtime…

amazon is suspiciously quiet as to season two being available on instant video (purchase or rental).  bummer.    *CRACKLE is showing it with edits and VUDU which has the real version doesnt work with my ROKU box. yes i am obssessed with this show – and am figuring out when i can buy a new roku (mine is one of the originals). 

will sign off with a photo of the garden with the crazy roses blooming…love that the begonias are still going strong.  


and the latest garden project …

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1 Response to fall.the return to knitting

  1. Maggi says:

    Glad to see this. Hope you’ll keep posting. I’m no longer on Facebook, so it would be nice to keep up with your posts — can you cross-post here from your Facebook posts? Hope so!


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