wherein one returns to blogging perhaps?

lets start with this lively photo of Queen Elizabeth in her first official Diamond Jubilee appearance – this is the first time I have ever seen the Queen in RED and such a glorious red…and if you notice that hat – its KNITTED!!!!


and here is a closer look at that HAT!  would love to see more .. but that is the best photo I could find.

*  *  *

some things happening finally for the better in this house… more to come soon as superstition reigns supreme … until all is dotted and crossed and in place… suspense will continue.

*  *  *
in other news, what a weird winter – i do almost feel as if i am living in Louisiana again – i did treat myself to using the heat over last weekend – the first time in over three years (yes really) – its a new furnace and hopefully the bill wont be too much more (penny pinching still rules) but i needed wanted to celebrate a bit and also had a few days off. so instead of a short trip decided to staycation and turn on the heat.

the cats were rather amazed that they didn’t need to burrow under wool blankets or cuddle together (well, not really together – opposite ends of the sofa)   how i envy them their fur coat sometimes – but not really this winter. 

[side note – what happened to the Flickr app for chrome?  its missing…  I started this post using scribe fire and then went back to blog jet which never published the posts so now I am using windows live writer… and it seems to be pretty good.]


up there they are inspecting a new toy … which of course has disappeared… along with a few others

this week we are seeing temps in the mid 40s!!! in FEBRUARY!!!  whew… i shudder to think of the summer if this is the winter

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4 Responses to wherein one returns to blogging perhaps?

  1. Pickle in the Middle says:

    Very cool hat. Love that shade of red. Wish I could paint my kitchen that color.


  2. glad to hear that things may be on the up and that you had the heating on!


  3. Maven says:

    Love the hat! (She does look her age in that second pic, tho.) I always enjoy seeing pictures of the royals if not for any other reason, but for their headgear. 🙂
    Hope all is well, and look forward to more posts!


  4. Shelley says:

    I always feel there’s something strange being communicated by these hats, some subtext, that I don’t get….


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