long time

yeah so i havent posted in a while – well, truthfully – a loooooooooong while… why has to do with part of why i AM posting today (night?)

it was one of those days – where i spent two hours dealing with stupid and vindictive financial people (with a few reallllly nice and helpful ones in the midst) and then went to the place where i work (LPJ) and things went from bad to worse:  a really good worker/colleague has given notice – the second one in three months – can we say rats and sinking ship?

then i come home to find the REALLY good pair of pants that i had to wear cause tmy work pants had not finished dryng before i had to leave – anyway – the REALLY good pair HAD F#*$(#G bleach stains down the front of one of the pants legs.  not even not noticeable little ones – but huge splotches.  

i am soaking that leg in a ton of SHOUT but the bottle even says it probably wont get out bleach – and i am SO F-ing FURIOUS… and feeling so impotent –  dont really have the money to replace these GOOD pants and hate that they were ruined making such little money that i cant even replace them  – well i could replace them and just not eat next week. or not feed the cats. or not buy gas – oops need to buy gas to get to the LPJ

i guess i will have to try to dye them … or use a sharpie.. UGH UGH UGH 

at least in the pouring rain when i came home i found a parking spot near my apt and didnt have to park/walk several blocks away.

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  1. Great blog. Some funny stuff.
    Tracy Seattle WA


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