reflections on elspeth

the gardening blog community is reacting in shock to the recent suicide by elspeth thompson.  below is a comment i left on a fellow ET lover blog:

i reacted as you did – and was in shock. and still am. my life is rather tough right now and one way i cheer myself up is reading several women’s blogs – yours and Elspeth’s are among the ones that help me feel less blue – by reading of the glimpses of life in your blogs i feel a part of a kind of life i wish i were living – and may never have – however for a brief time it helps take me away from the current troubles.

i am still reeling in a deep place inside about ET’s suicide … depression is a dangerous black place to be … and takes a strong sense of survival to climb out from under – the hardest part is the facade that was in her posts – i love that she continued to find joy but ache that she felt she couldn’t share or get help about the illness (although i don’t know that)

in trying to explain to myself, i seem to remember something about her mother’s death last year – was it the anniversary? – in trying to understand why?

to me her life seemed one of charm and beauty and grace and joy and love from family and friends – many things that to a mere reader seemed to add up to a wonderful life.

oh the ache and tragedy of it! and the pain she must have had in that final act.

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2 Responses to reflections on elspeth

  1. sumea says:

    i saw your lovely comment on Lucy’s blog… it has been a deep shock for the blogging community.
    your tribute is beautiful and heartfelt.
    warmest hugs xxx


  2. Southern Gal says:

    sumea – thanks for your kind words. and your photography (and the meadow) is beautiful!


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