garden update 2

a looooooong day in the garden
– since Thursday –  SIX bags of garden debris – leaves, branches etc. (photos on sunday).

– cut up and bagged two huge branches for neighbor (husband out of town for two weeks)

– pruned branches of overgrown evergreen tree* and cleared off all the dead leaves and debris in the two beds on the other side of the yard for the elder Vietnamese tenant (lives on the other side of the same floor) who was wistfully looking at the over strewn and shady beds on Friday saying how he wants to plant something

– got next door neighbor to chop up the rotting picnic table that has been sitting in the yard since last feb (as in 09) when the last tenant left it. **

– cleaned up one garden bed as there was room in the last trash bag.

– finally staked and wired my homemade pergola  – still need to get one more stake and find the heavy duty wire bought last year.

– cleaned off and reorganized the top of the potting bench – always makes me feel like spring is here


put out two candles and listened to the last half hour of PHC in the falling evening light by candlelight.

now for a long long hot shower and a few britcoms – and some lovely salmon with a little wine.

photos tomorrow – promise!

*wish i could cut this thing down. 
**taking bets on how long the landlord leaves his long ladder in the yard (photo soon)

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