Jeri Rigged

Please check out this fabulous budding designer – Jeri Riggs !

Ingrid by Jeri Riggs

And there is a new RAVELRY group – Jeririgged Designs

For another look at Jeri’s work – BadCat Designs – BadCat is a fabulous lace designer and her blog is worthy of hours of reading…including group projects.  Her current one – The Snow Queen – is gorgeous.  This group project is closed but look at her blog – there will be a summer group soon!

Both of these talented ladies are in our monthly knitting group – we are so honored to have them!


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1 Response to Jeri Rigged

  1. Jeri Riggs says:

    Thanks for all of your encouragement to write up my designs. It took a while, but I think I’m on the path…thanks so much your support!


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