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“This week, the first of three ‘Bard Blogs’. And, after all last Sunday’s talk of
England, my inaugural Shakespearean post takes it cue, literally, from a speech I made nearly two years ago on St George’s Day:

Madam Mayor, my lords, ladies and gentlemen, such is the honour of being asked to speak at this the final fundraising event of the mayoral year in Reigate and Banstead, on the august occasion of the double celebration of St George’s Day and William Shakespeare’s birthday, that you will sympathize with me, I am sure, when I tell you I’ve been rather exercised by the weight of the responsibility – the duty to hit an appropriate tone. In fact, I have gone so far as to take advice. That is to say, I wrote a letter of advice – to myself. ….”

the above is the beginning of the latest posting to a new blog by Edward Petherbridge, a British actor of whom I am a big fan.  he was Lord Peter Wimsey in the excellent tv series adaptation of the first three of Dorothy Sayers’ Harriet Vane novels also with Harriet Walter as Harriet Vane.  of course Ian Carmichael had done many of the LPWs earlier on but none of the HV story… HW and EP are perfect for them.  luckily i had read the entire oeuvre prior to seeing any of the adaptations – in long nights working as evening legal secretary during music school… but the EP/HW were almost perfection – except for having to cut out several subplots in Gaudy Night due to length i imagine and a few other changes – the final scene worked even if it was not as in the book.

EP is one of those actors on my “must meet” list – yet as i have never been to England (only the Highlands and Ireland – i seem to go around about the UK) and finances currently prohibit any travel beyond the grocery store – now and for the foreseeable future – i am resigned that i may never get there. 

however reading the blog is a small recompense for yet another dream deferred.

do go and have a good wallow  (and praise the internets for such a gift)

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