knitting the 2010 olympics

Knitters are amazing… here are a bunch of patterns commemorating the 2010 Olympics – including the USA hat (moose? reindeer?  you decide) designed from the photos by an intrepid knitter.

[these were gathered by the prolific color designer at KNITTING IN COLOR]

HERE is the striking Nordic hat the athletes from Andorra were wearing during the Parade of Nations in last night’s Opening Ceremony. Check the photo for the navy, white, and red one – also someone on Ravelry had a screen shot of one athlete wearing the white/blue/black version. Apparently HERE is the  sweater they were wearing.

If you have an extra $425 burning a hole in your pocket, HERE is the Ralph Lauren Aran sweater worn by the US athletes in the Opening Ceremony.

If you want to knit a hat like the ones the US athletes were wearing, HERE is a free pattern that should get you started.

HERE is a free pattern for some Olympic mittens to coordinate with the official gear worn by the Canadian athletes.

ETA: HERE is a free pattern for red mittens with a maple leaf like the Canadian athletes were wearing. Also, HERE is a free pattern for the red and white O Canada Mittens complete with maple leaves and Olympic rings.

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  1. Vicki says:

    Thanks for the links! I was lovin’ the knitwear parade during Opening Ceremonies.


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