want to help knit a bridge?

TheRecord.com – Local – Cambridge knitter wants to blanket Main Street bridge

Cambridge knitter wants to blanket Main Street bridge

Peter Lee, Record staff
Sue Sturdy wants to cosy up Cambridge’s Main Street bridge by blanketing the structure.
By Kevin Swayze, Record staff

CAMBRIDGE — Bridge cosy? Arch warmer?

Whatever you might call a big blanket draped across the sides of the Main Street bridge over the Grand River, Sue Sturdy is determined to make it happen this summer. All she needs is knitters across the city – and a few around the world – to pick up their needles and any spare rolls of yarn they have around the house.

“It’s not insurmountable,” says Cambridge’s artist in residence for 2010.

“It’s something that can be done. It’s something you want people to help be a piece of art, on something they can see.”

City councillors approved Sturdy’s appointment Monday. She’ll be paid $3,500 to run her knitting programs at the Cambridge Centre for the Arts on Dickson Street, the giant blanket artwork, and creating a book of knitting stories compiled from residents of a city that once had a huge textile industry.

Sturdy plans monthly “knitting circles” with guest speakers. On “world wide knit in public days” June 19 and 20, she’s planning to take over civic square in front of Cambridge City Hall for a yarn party.

Knitting in the News: Knit Bridge a Go, Knitting in the Snow and Crochet News

Last week I told you about the plan to cover a bridge in knitting in Cambridge, Ontario. Now the woman behind the plan, Sue Sturdy, has gotten the insurance she needs to make the project a reality. The plan is to cover the bridge with knit panels throughout the month of September.

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2 Responses to want to help knit a bridge?

  1. M.Fair says:

    What size of blocks are you looking for —-is any kind of yarn acceptable? hope to hear from you


  2. Barbara O'Doherty says:

    What size squares are you looking for? You spoke to Jean
    in Burlington and I am one of the ladies in the aqua fit with
    her so we will be donating to your cause. Just forward info


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