computer woes

there are days when i HATE microsoft. 
i am sure many of you can relate.

about a week ago all hell broke lose on the new computer (its a year old in march) – a vista HP desktop. 

at first the internet connection would be down – but it wasn’t as it was fine on the other desktop and wireless to the laptop was fine.  a reboot solved that but then things got wonkier  (a very technical expression).   the mouse would freeze on switching between the desktops (kvm problem? no the other desktop was fine).
the speakers stopped working, the usb hub with the two external hard drives was acting strangely – and worse, the computer would not boot up IF the hub was attached – it tried to mount the two external drives.


after many hours of troubleshooting – including two system restores and COPIOUS windows updates and much trolling of forums and reinstalling ALL the usb drivers  and MANY reboots – [FINGERS CROSSED and WHISPERING] – we seem to be back in calm waters.

however, the two external drives and their d-link hub are now attached to the very old xp desktop (which is essentially acting as a server).

there is a lot of talk in fora about MS updates and vista and the shitty interaction with usb 2.0 ports.  as of now tho, i am not convinced the problem is MS updates (there is documentation towards that line) and Vista and/or the hardware of the cpu.

this computer was purchased feb 26 09.  in april 09, the ethernet port died.   instead of returning the cpu – found a usb/ethernet adapater and all has been well since then.

however, i am really beginning to think the usb/ethernet ports are bad and even if they are working now, i really am annoyed that the network port is bad and who knows if and when the rest go bad and i should send this baby back for a new one before i lose that one year warranty window.

of course that means copying everything off and deleting all personal infor etc. 

not to forgot that <wonderful> phone call to India, oops, i mean HP support.  oh joy.

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