It’s hard not to feel helpless looking at the horrific photos beaming from Haiti … and the endless coverage (albeit good it overwhelms me after awhile).  However we can all help…

ETA  Apartment Therapy’s List of WHERE TO DONATE

1.  Yarn Harlot’s KNIT SIGNAL
Read about Yarn Harlot’s Call to action 

2. Designers & Knitters & Yarnies for Haiti Relief

check out this blog post where Kristen Rengren has posted the designers and ETSY  members who are donating money thru sales.

3.   Groups Accepting Donations

Unicef USA

Doctors Without Borders

Red Cross


List of charities from the BBC

Habitat for Humanity Haitian disaster response

Save the Children: Haiti

text “HAITI” to “90999” and a donation of $10 will be given automatically to the Red Cross, charged to your cell phone bill.” (probably US cell phones only)

(or, alternately, Yele)

Oxfam America

Partners in Health

Ebay has added an option to donate $1 from your auction to disaster relief for Haitians.

List of secular aid organisations posted in the Ravelry Atheist and Agnostic Crafters Group

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