click clack click clack

its all knitting all the time here at chez southern gal

here’s the rundown:
   hannukah for the two jewish nephews,
   bday for one of them (23rd),
   christmas for another nephew and four sisters and two binlaws and mom
   sister bday the 2nd week of jan
   the other two nephews bdays the third week of jan a DAY apart. 

my holiday knitting piles up in a one month period (six weeks if you count all of hannukah) …

oy no wonder i want to lay in a dark room with a cloth and a stiff drink!

tonight am making a list of whats done and whats not and what yarn goes with what …

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1 Response to click clack click clack

  1. Will says:

    You and my elder daughter. She now dyes her own yarn and is moving inexorably to purchasing a spinning wheel. She does gorgeous work as, i have every confidence, do you.


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