what keeps you up?

it was one of those days…

1. a $25 charge somehow became a $250 charge.  and of course the bank Customer Service closed at 7 pm and i discovered it at 10 pm when checking weekend activity on my bank’s website.  have left email and voicemail to/at the guilty party and will be calling the bank at 7 am when they restaff the CS lines to reverse the charge.  oh and the rent is due today – do not want that check bouncing down the driveway.

2. tried to get online at E-Z pass to add a second car to my account and couldn’t get pass the log on screen – wouldn’t take acct number and any combination of other things – login, password, pin, my first grade teacher’s name (not really) and of course – yes, the customer service line was CLOSED – it was only 8 pm when this happened.  argh!

3.  one of the computer programs i use for antivirus protection kept requiring a reboot (like THREE TIMES) for a version upgrade – very very annoying.

4.  while trying to relax watching a schmaltzy hallmark movie – but wait it had Joss Ackland and Jean Simmons as the leads – verizon decided to reboot the settop box not once but five times – yup forget that program. 

5.  i tried to sleep but well, to hell with it – it’s only an hour til seven am.

now where’s my bourbon… (nope, just some hot chocolate).

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