NCIS S0703

after two explosive season opening shows, the calmer slower pace of this third episode was refreshing allowing the viewers the opportunity to recover from the shattering sixth season finale and the carry over stories opening the seventh season.

Ziva’s fate will depend on the outcome of the loyalty battle between her and Gibbs – and will be a bit of work for both.  there are NO easy fixes in life and one of the good things of this show is that TPTB have proven their willingness to allow their characters to grow thru problems, including ones that continue to appear (just as in life).

that one signature would resolve the trust issue between Gibbs and Ziva is not a good thing – remember the arc of ziva’s character – this has been a central issue for her character (as it should be for a Mossad agent) from the beginning.   as iron is molded thru fire, Ziva and the team have forged a stronger bond thru the travails of the last several episodes …. however they have some mileage to trod on the path to melding as a team.

thank goodness for no easy fixes at the THIRD episode of the season – lets give the writers a chance.  and enjoy some “down time” as we continue on the path of the seventh season.

additional notes
the tease of a possible relationship for McGee has now been a sub plot of the last two episodes – lets hope that TPTB have something good planned for him.

where is Palmer?

Tony’s behaviour with the sandwich was a total reversion to his frat boy of old – eh, as much as i hated that scene and the discomfort of McGee (having experience with all male IT groups, this is TOTALLY real) , tony is not a god and this just reminds us of his warts.

looking forward to next week.

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