Bye Bye Jezebel ;(

FOX cancels Jezebel James; no one is surprised

The Return of Jezebel JamesWell, this isn’t a big surprise: TV Guide’s Mike Ausiello has just found out from FOX that The Return of Jezebel James has been canceled after three episodes. Jezebel James was the first project for executive producer Amy Sherman-Palladino since she and her husband, Daniel Palladino, left Gilmore Girls after the show’s sixth season.

Reviews for the show — including mine — were largely negative; almost all of them cited how Sherman-Palladino’s unique writing style and pace were thrown off by the studio audience / laugh track used for the show. FOX obviously didn’t have any confidence in the show, because it was airing episodes on Friday nights after cutting its initial order from 13 episodes to 7.

That’s the funny thing about TV; no matter how good the talent is that’s involved in the show — and this show, with the Palladinos, Parker Posey and Lauren Ambrose, had a lot of talent involved — things sometimes just don’t work. But we know AS-P will get another chance, as will most of the cast. I especially want to see Posey on TV again; she’s too good to not put at the center of a quirky dramedy or something like that.


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